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Alexandria, VA 22302

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New Cadillac Luxury Flagship

News keeps on building about a replacement for Cadillac flagship, the Cadillac DTS. More online sources suggest the Cadillac XTS Platinum concept will be the next luxury flagship for the auto maker.

Currently on sale at Lindsay Cadillac of Alexandria at 1525 Kenwood Avenue in Alexandria, VA, DTS boasts a cabin full of extras, leather trim, a $46,000 price tag and tons of horsepower. But XTS promises to include this, and more!

Although powerful, the car will NOT include the concepts 1,000-horsepower V16-engine - because in today's world, no one could afford to fuel it. What we can expect from XTS is, apparently, is a powerplant similar to DTS. Meaning, a smaller than usual engine for such a large vehicle, but turbocharged and still fuel efficient.

XTS will undoubtedly take over for many in the livery and taxi service, but will it sell to that coveted younger-buyer market GM has been trying to tackle with Cadillac? Only time will tell.

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